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The Flag Shop is proud to be an Official Licensed Merchandiser of Canada 150 products! Our Canada 150 products are available to purchase online and through our 12 Flag Shop retail locations nationwide. Our Canada 150 website is continuously being updated, we invite you to check back often. Thank you.

Celebrate Canada 150

Canada 150 Stock Products

Take a look at these amazing products for the Canada 150 Celebration! Made in Canada by The Flag Shop.

Canada 150 Banners

Our design and production teams at The Flag Shop are ready to support your Canada 150 events and celebrations! Take a look at these street banners approved by Heritage Canada.

Co-branded Custom Products

Enhance your brand recognition by customizing our amazing products to include both Canada 150 and your logo, and we have hundreds of colours and designs available!

Co-branded Custom Banners

Many municipalities and organizations have contacted us to print banners with both Canada 150 logo and their own logos. These co-branded banners add a personalized touch to your city and community.

Canada 150 Photo Gallery

Check out our Canada 150 products gallery. We will keep adding photos of our Canada 150 products to this gallery as we come across them. You can submit your photos to us too!

Where to Buy

Available online and through our 12 Flag Shop retail locations nationwide. Custom Canada 150 products are also available by special order.